The Video Event Reconstruction and Analysis (VERA) System - 3D Event Reconstruction
Junwei Liang, Alexander Hauptmann
Carnegie Mellon University
We introduce the VERA system, enabled by established machine learning techniques and physics models, that can show synchronized videos from social media that capture an event in 3D space.

We reconstruct the street in 3D and put the synchronized videos into the 3D space.
Live demo for Chrome (Warning, it may take up lots of RAM): Here
  1. For full technical details, please refer to our technical report. Please report on Github if you find any detail missing in the report.
  2. We have released the source code for web interface on Github. We encourage researchers and engineers to help continue improving this system.
If you find this system helpful to your project/report/research, please cite the following papers:

Clean dataset example. Live Demo
Release Log